Traditions Events All Over Wales

In this year of 2017, a lot of cultural events occurs in Wales and you can group them by months:

  • February :

As Lilian develop in his topic there were the RBS Six Nations Rugby Internationals start at Principality Stadium(link is external) (formerly Millennium Stadium), Cardiff and continue into March

  • March :

March is St David’s Day when they celebrate ourJS33139355.jpg Patron Saint at events around the country. It is an amazing experience, all the people are gathered into the same way of spirit. It’s good vibes, all people are drinking, yelling, kissing to each other no matter who you are and where you come from.



However, in the current month, May, there is two events that are related to some kind of traditions that below to Wales:

  • Medieval Weekend :

The event takes place in Beaumaris Castle and it will welcome House of the Black Star medieval society. This organization will recreate the lifestyle of medieval an all week-end.beaumaris-12-FMA.jpg

The Castle will be transformed back to the medieval days during a fun medieval weekend. There will be knights armor and also archers who will show their skills but also a lot of crafts and demonstrations of medieval life.


  • Dragon Boat Festival:

This festival occurs the 14th May 2017 at the County Hall, Atlantic Warf.

Create your own dragon boat and with the team challenge your colleagues, friends, and family. This event gathers people from all over Wales and takes place in Cardiff.

e6c83f_f9620aee33254f6cb8c6f4790886c9b3.jpgRaces are schedule during severals days, the challengers don’t need any previous experience or any training is provided, its great fun.

This event supports the Lord Mayor’s Appeal Charity – Cancer Research Wales, it raises funds for this cause that is pretty serious while having fun.

So team up! And let race!



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