Wales Sport a religion?

A lot of countries are labelled with their favorite sport image as Football in Brazil, american football in the US and tennis table in China. But is their a main sport in the UK that can make it enter in such stereotypes?

To see that we decided to go to a bar the march 13th for the rugby match Wales vs France in order to see the atmosphere during a rugby match.
When we arrived in the bar, it was crowded, we hardly could open up a way to order some drinks. We finally decided to remain standing to see the television properly.

And what we saw could be compared at what we can see in France during a football cup in bar! Every one was shouting and cheering on the UK team. It was kind of fun to see different types of fan :

  • The defeatist one who thought that just because the French team was leading  5 points more , the Red Dragons will lose the match. A game end at his very last second, a team can always catch up with the opposite team !
  • The weekend trainer who gives answer to the team through the TV screen. I can tell you if those one give good advises because I don’t know rugby very much.
  • The warm up act, always here to create a good atmosphere, to start fans song and so on !
  • The heart fan, this one with my point of view, he looks like someone who is playing his own life for each match.
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