Back To France

After 2 months in Treforest we decided to go back to France because we ended class on April 4th and the exam what on May 8th so we had around a month. I decided to join Cardiff via Train then London via Bus a London Gatwick via bus too, but I had a big problem. My parents advised me to go back home with my big luggage so I had to take a ticket with a baggage hold.

We were supposed to arrive in Gatwik at 1:55pm and the registration baggage registration closed at 2:20pm so it was short but I think it was ok. But the coach driver was supposed to drop us first at the North terminal then go to the South one… He did it in reverse to I arrived at 2:18pm to the North terminal and ran to the check in desk but when I scanned my ticket I knew it was too late… So I tell Lilian (who hadn’t baggage) not to wait for me in order to him to get his plane.

So I went to the help desk and the hostess told me that I could not board into this flight and the next one will be the next day at 10am… I lost 250€ in this story…

Moral of the story : Alway make sure to have more time in case of unexpected lateness

Icons from is licensed by CC 3.0 BY
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