The economy


Treforest is a little village in the south-east of Pontypridd next to Cardiff. We have two Campus in this village and the students are a very important source of income.

The Wales :

Cardiff is the capital of the Wales and the currency used is the pound sterling.

The Wales doesn’t have a good soil quality and the farmer prefer the live stock farming not the crop-growing.

Moreover the farming, the tourism is very important for the country and it represents more than 8% of the GDP.

Nowadays the exportation of the non-ferrous metals is an important field with the oil refining and the chemical industry but the most important is the welsh services sector which is strong and accounts for more than 70% of total employment.

The place of the services is a priority and more than 1500 companies made lots of invests in the field of the communication, the trade or the internet.The  Wales trys to be more attractive for the young people who have knowledge in the services.

The legislation about work :

  • The Wales are in the UK and they have the same law about the work. First we can’t work more than 48 hours per weeks.
  • This is the “Working Times Regulation” voted on 1998 about the terms and conditions of the employment which fix the rules about the breaks. In UK the law imposes 28 days of holidays.
  • In UK they have 8 public holiday except in Scotland.

Key numbers :


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